Create change

For your health & fitness to be different, you need to take action!

One of the most common barriers for people wanting to create change with their health & fitness is expecting their circumstances to change instead of creating change for themselves.

The harsh reality is YOU are the only one responsible for what you put into your body, YOU are the only one responsible for not making the time to exercise, and YOU are the only one who can create change in your life. YOU are the only one allowing your circumstances to control your lifestyle.

Change can be difficult to manage. But, with the right tools, change can quickly become normal and part of your every day routine. You can't expect results, without first putting in the effort to think, act and be different.

Here are some helpful tips on how to start creating change:

  • Take the time to reflect on what success looks like for you and make a goal (a ‘smart’ goal is best) highlighting your ideal future state. It could be based around increasing energy levels with a goal of doing a walking or running event, or it could be to do with fat loss and having a measurement reduction around your waist.
  • Commit to keeping a one-week journal, noting down your food, exercise and social activities/hobbies. From this you'll get a good understanding of where/what you are putting your time into and the decisions you are making.
  • If there are things in your weekly journal that are holding you back from your goal, you can now make adjustments to your lifestyle that will start accelerating you toward your goal. This might be changing your food habits, dedicating more time to exercise, starting a new hobby or social sport, or even just cutting down on the amount of TV you’re watching and putting the time into something that will make you happier long-term.
  • When you’ve made a plan to work towards the goal that will create positive change, you then have to action it! Even if you don’t get it 100% the first few weeks, keep working on it because the only way for it to become part of your routine, is to repeat it each week.

Remember, a goal is just a compass to lead you in the right direction. Even if you don’t quite make your goal, you’ll be closer than when you started. The journey teaches us more than the actual goal.