Preparation is one of the best habits you can create when it comes to changing or improving your body shape and performance, particularly with your food.

You might start the week off with the best of intentions but allow ‘life’ to interfere.

When this happens, you’ll almost always go for store-bought convenience.

Preparation is often overlooked but it is the one thing that takes the effort out of making good food choices. To create the best results, an effective plan, and consistency, are non-negotiable.

Here are my top 5 tips for food preparation:

  1. Meal prep 1-3 lunches on a Sunday before your week starts.
  2. Make enough dinner each night to also be lunch the next day.
  3. Put your breakfast ingredients out on your kitchen counter the night before so it’s simple to throw together in the morning.
  4. Do a weekly food shop so you don’t have to keep making trips to the supermarket during the week (don’t EVER go food shopping hungry!).
  5. Meal plan your dinner options for the week before you go shopping so you’re not left scrambling for ideas.