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What you can expect from our workouts

Our group classes focus on developing multiple types of fitness, endurance, agility, strength, and balance.

  • Check in. Arrive five minutes early to find your spot on the floor and meet your instructor.
  • Mobility work. Each session starts off with five minutes of mobility work, which over time will compound into more range of motion, less pain and greater flexibility.
  • The workout! We combine weight training, cardio and core all into one EPIC 45-minute workout. The exercises are easily modified to challenge your fitness level and no workout is ever the same – it’s literally impossible to get bored.
  • High fives. You’re heart-rate is pumping and your muscles are tired (in a good way). Get your high fives, give yourself a big pat on the back and we’ll see you at the next session.

Six classes per day, plus weekend classes too.

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Group of people training hard

Our training philosophy

With an adaptable fitness, you can perform and recover more efficiently.

Whether you’re a lover of all things endurance sports like trail running, obstacle course racing and adventure racing through to field sports like rugby, netball, and soccer, you need endurance, agility, strength, and balance to perform.

We help you target your weaknesses and enhance your strengths, so you can perform better and go for longer – without injury. We’re also constantly updating and developing our skills and qualifications, so you can be confident that your coach has the expertise to support you and your goals.