8-12 Week Training Plans

This training option is a great first step for those starting out.

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Starting from $220

These plans can help you to build up running fitness, build strength & endurance for Obstacle Racing or build a well rounded fitness in a number of areas at once. They are designed for your goals and can be gym based plans or home based with the option of using a suspension trainer as a training tool for outside of the gym. Plans can vary from focusing on run training, strength training, endurance training or a combination of some or all of these components. The time frame and complexity of the plan will influence the cost. 

The process to have a plan made for you is below.

  1. Click on the 'request plan' button
  2. I will contact you to find out what you require
  3. If we go forward, I will do a phone interview with you to determine the parameters and your preferences for the plan
  4. The training plan is built within in a 2 week time frame
  5. It will be presented to you via our app and supported by a PDF document delivered via email

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