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It all starts with the training plan...

For general fitness, a training plan isn’t a necessity. But if you have specific fitness goals, like getting fitter, faster, stronger, more skilled, so you can do well in that event you’ve entered, a training plan is essential.

Think of it like driving to a new destination. If you drove without a map, it’d take you twice as long to get to where you wanted to go – if you got there at all.

But just like a map – not all training plans are created equal.

So what makes our plans better than the rest?

This is a bit of a trick question because training plans, in general, should be tailored to suit your fitness level and needs.

But when I programme a training plan for you – it looks a bit like an intense game of noughts and crosses.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • My training plans are 10 weeks long, then are adjusted & fine-tuned for the next 10 week cycle – this is so you can progress effectively and without injury.
  • The workouts I give you make use of the equipment you have access to – whether that be a gym, a playground at your local park or bodyweight workouts at home.
  • I dig deep into your current fitness, strength and skill level, your motivations, and goals, so I can create a training plan that is completely unique to you.

Then, the cherry on top:

Every great recipe has a secret ingredient, some kind of special sauce that makes it a winner.

What makes our training plans a cut above the rest is they don’t just focus on workouts.

Here’s a sneak peek at what else you’ll find built into your plan: