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AscendFIT is a Health & Fitness programme which provides awesome scheduled workouts and a customised nutrition plan in one simple app with the aim of supporting you to achieve your best health and fitness results. 


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Our workouts have been designed specifically so you can train no matter where you are. Most of the exercises are body-weight based or can be done with either no equipment at all or using our Suspension Trainer. You’ll have 3-4 awesome workouts per week that will help create amazing strength & fitness gains. This will create an adaptable fitness, allowing you to lead an adventurous life.



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Personal development

Probably the most important part of this journey is figuring out why you do what you do and understanding what is driving you to make a change in the way you live your life. This involves a bit of exploration in terms of events and activities that excite you and also learning how to goal set effectively. As part of our support, you can talk directly with Liam through our messenger service on our app to help determine how best to achieve your goals. We also have a private online community with our 'AscendFIT community' facebook group. This allows you to seek support from our other members and also get great resources and advice from us. 


customised nutrition


AscendFIT is proud to have teamed up with Results Nutrition Centre (RNC) to provide you with access to a customised nutrition plan. When you sign up, you’ll be asked a range of questions which will determine which plan is right for you. The AscendFIT app also has a food diary to keep yourself accountable.


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